Dragons Keep by Astria Legends | With or Without Stitched Edges | Edge to Edge Printing | 24"x14"


SKU:   DRAKEE-NOS-8141-1

Style: No Stitching

Dragon's Keep: Don't Wake the Dragon! She sleeps near her treasured stash. With fur made of the night sky and winter breath, she can turn the air around her into a blizzard. Beware! You might get frozen if you try to touch anything in her Keep.

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The Details

  • This Playmat is ~24"x14"

  • Stitching helps prevent edge fraying but your mat will last a very long time without it!.

  • Our mats are printed using the most advanced Sublimation printers on the market.

  • Printing is Edge-2-Edge and covers the stitching.

Astria Legends