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Introducing a Simple Way to Design Custom Playmats with AI
John Downey

Introducing a Simple Way to Design Custom Playmats with AI

Welcome to Sublime Gaming, where we're excited to share a straightforward and accessible tool for designing your own playmats. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT Plus through a Custom GPT model, we offer a no-frills, easy-to-use solution for gamers and enthusiasts to create personalized playmat designs.

Easy Custom Playmat Design for Everyone

Our approach is simple: if you have access to ChatGPT Plus, you can use the Custom GPT model available at Custom ChatGPT: Imagery Innovator to design your playmats. This AI tool is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their design experience, can create a playmat that reflects their style and interests. Just enter a description of what you want to see without mentioning anything about playmats or sizes and you will be amazed.

From Design to Reality

Once you've crafted your design, making it a reality is just as straightforward. You can get some advice on how to order your custom playmat through our blog post, Ordering a Custom Playmat, or jump straight to purchasing it at Custom Printed TCG Playmat.

Additional Options

If you do not have access to ChatGPT Plus, we've got you covered. You can still enjoy a custom playmat by purchasing one with AI-generated art at Playmat with Custom AI-Generated Art. We will contact you after purchase and go through a design and approval process that will ensure you receive a unique and artistic touch to your gaming setup.

Design Guidelines

We encourage creativity but also remind you to be mindful of a few simple guidelines:

  • Avoid using copyrighted material in your designs.
  • Refrain from including NSFW or adult content.
  • Avoid close-up views of faces or incorporating text in your design.


At Sublime Gaming, we're here to provide an uncomplicated and accessible way to personalize your gaming experience. Whether you're designing your own playmat or choosing an AI-generated design, we hope you find the process enjoyable and the product satisfying. Happy gaming!

Ordering a Custom Playmat can be Easy and Affordable.
John Downey

Ordering a Custom Playmat can be Easy and Affordable.

Download a template at [], add art to the template (try using for the photo editing), export it as a PNG, and provide your file to the Playmat Company of your choice!